NEW Yoga Classes in Jupiter, FL

Yoga Classes in Jupiter, FL

Another way to become healthier and happier!

Yoga provides many benefits to your body, mind and spirit. It connects mind and body through a series of postures, breathing exercises and meditation. This connection produces unity, and can improve your health by reducing stress and creating a greater sense of well-being.

You feel better because when you practice yoga, your body becomes toned, flexible and stronger.  Although you don’t have to be super flexible to enjoy our classes, progress will happen and it will improve athletic performance.

Research has shown that yoga:

  • Improves respiration, energy and vitality.
  • Promotes cardiovascular and circulatory health.
  • May also help alleviate specific kinds of pain, including migraine headaches, lower back problems, arthritis and pain during childbirth.

Your mind becomes more at ease because yoga teaches you how to center your awareness in your body. You feel less stressed, more positive and self-accepting.

Come to a class and we can almost guarantee you’ll leave smiling and feeling relaxed and happy!



Rimi MacDonald Shaffner

Rimi MacDonald Shaffner

Yoga Instructor

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