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By opening Coral Reef CrossFit Jupiter, I have realized my true calling and passion in helping people through CrossFit and holistic wellness – the same thing that changed my life. We are quickly becoming one of the top training facilities in Palm Beach County for overall health.  Coral Reef’s goal has always been to achieve a community involved environment inside and outside the walls of the facility.  Our training provides results for the fittest of athletes, to the couch potatoes who want to change their lives.  Coral Reef Coaches and Instructors are educators, listeners, supporters, and a shoulder to cry on if need be.

Jon Galui

Owner & Coach

Coral Reef CrossFit

Dropped in with my wife for a few days. Top notch facility. Super clean and well organized! We also got to watch their first in house competition as well! Congratulations on your first year in business. I am sure there will be many more!

Nick Z

Great facility and coaches who know their stuff and motivate you to work hard but safely towards your PRs. Thanks Guys!

Greg H

I just read that the average CrossFitter is 29 years old. Oops…. I guess I don’t match the demographic. I am treated as well, work as hard and laugh as much (or more) than anyone else. Jon knows exactly when to be patiently helpful, and when to badger me into working harder and smarter. I start my day with a twisted combination of fear and anticipation over the WOD (Workout of the Day) and LOVE seeing the results. Who knew I had arm and back muscles??? I am, in short, enthusiastically hooked on CrossFit. Oh… and in case you think you are too old to fit in….. I’m twice the average age and loving it!

Sydney V

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5 Benefits of Group Training

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