12718108_1054237227998717_4742212653027284115_nOlympic Lifting Classes via “Barbell Club”

Coral Reef Barbell Club, run by Coach Adam, was created with the intention of providing specific programming to athletes that want to focus on Olympic Lifting.  The classes will focus on technique and strength.  During each session you will get expert technical feedback from our staff.  This will lead to an increase in strength and efficiency with your cleans, snatches, and jerks.  Some example of what you will be doing that you don’t get during our CrossFit olympic session are items like clean pulls, jerk recoveries, and snatch grip deadlifts.  The goal of this program and each class is to make every athlete leave feeling like they have a better understanding of the techniques required for the lifts. With increased technique, efficiency, and strength you will see your weight jump!

Coach Adam is currently a USAW Sport Performance Coach (L-1) certification. He is scheduled to obtain his USAW Advanced Sports Performance Coach (L-2) certification this summer. Coach Adam’s future goals are to become a National Weightlifting Coach and take athletes to the next level and the Olympics.