Dear Lurong Athletes,

We like to thank and congratulate you on completing the first Lurong Challenge of the year.  We hope you had as much fun as we did during the challenge.  There were some amazing changes and transformations and you should all be very proud of yourselves.  This is a great start to living a healthier lifestyle.  Just because the challenge is over “DO NOT” fall back to your old ways.  Stay away from sugars, alcohol, bread, cheese, etc.  If you have a cheat meal/day make sure you get right back on track and don’t let all your hard work go to nothing.

Without further here are your winners for the 2016 Winter Lurong Challenge:


Congratulations RAY J!!!!! (Ray J wins a pair of wrist wraps, a shaker bottle, and a headband from Lurong Living.  He will also get two tickets to the March 27th Spring Training Game)

Top 3 Men:

  1. Ray J
  2. John Pucek (shaker bottle)
  3. Brian Fischer (headband)

Top 3 Women:

  1. Marion (shaker bottle and headband)
  2. Christine (shaker bottle)
  3. Paulette (headband)


Most Improved WOD Leader:

Level III: Coach Adam

Level II Men: Brian

Level II Women: Marion

Level 1 Women: Paulette


Again congratulations to our winners and to everyone that participated.  From one challenge to another.  If you haven’t signed up to do the open, you should.  The first WOD (16.1) will be announced tonight at 8:00pm.  This will be tomorrows WOD!

Keep Diggin’,

Coral Reef Coaches