Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 9.38.32 AMWith “Snowmageddon” slamming the northeast the last few days, it’s no wonder we choose to live in paradise here in Jupiter, FL! One of the best things about our slice of paradise is the fact that we can exercise outdoors pretty much year-round. Today, we look at our favorite Jupiter Running Routes.

The benefits of running on the sand are exponentially greater than just slogging it through the streets. Whether you are a morning runner who runs along the beach to watch the sunrise, run in the heat of the midday, or run in the evenings as it cools down, the ocean right beside you is a great sight to have when running on the beach. Plus, you can run barefoot. However, when you are looking for a run with less resistance than what the sand gives you on the beach, what local running routes are available in the Jupiter, Florida area? Well, we’ve done some research for you non-pavement pounders who want to explore the area a little bit more and see something other than the beach (WHAT?!) on your run.

  1. Ok, so we couldn’t get away from the beach entirely, but this is a trail that parallels the beach, goes south past Juno Beach Fishing Pier, and goes inland a little bit before doubling back on itself. Just over 4 miles in length, “beach run” will give you some time along the beach and some time just a little bit inland.
  2. “6 Miler” goes north (again along the beach) and loops back on the same route to bring you right back to the Juno Beach Park. As you can imagine from the name, it is a 6 mile route so sprinters, bring your distance legs!
  3. The Riverbend Trail Loop off of Indiantown Rd in Riverbend Park is another favorite for you trail-heads. The trail loop is just under 2.5 miles and goes along a river and by a lake. A little bit different scene from the typical beach run!
  4. Gulf Course Route” goes around the Admiral’s Cove Golf Course and is just under 3 miles in length. Perfect for those of you training for your next 5K race!
  5. Run from your house to one of our weekday WOD’s, or better yet, one of our Saturday Beach WOD’s.

If you are looking for options outside of your typical neighborhood run, give one of the above routes a try and let us know what you think! Running is a great cross-training activity, whether you are a crossfitter, cyclist, swimmer, or just avid fitness guru. As you get used to the same route over and over again, however, you get faster on that route but may stagnate when you are pulled out of your comfort zone or put on a different route. So give one of these a try to see if it reinvigorates your workout routine! Happy running from the Coral Reef CrossFit family!