Give it up to Sharon Adams! She is the Coral Reef Jupiter Member of the Month. Each month we highlight a member that is getting visible, mental or physical CrossFit results. Sharon is rocking it!

“I came to Coral Reef Crossfit because a friend that was going invited me. I had heard it was a hard workout but I saw the results it produced in my friends and decided to give it a try. Before starting Crossfit I did yoga and pilates; not a lot of weightlifting or cardio at all. The first day was hard as expected but I fell in love. The coaches were great and everyone there was encouraging. That great atmosphere brought me back. It has been 5 months now and I am so much stronger than when I started. My friends and family always comment you look great! You’ve lost weight! What are you doing? I definitely recommend to anyone to give Crossfit a try.” – Sharon