Give it up to Ryan Kruger! He is the Coral Reef Jupiter Member of the Month for August. Each month we highlight a member that is getting visible mental or physical CrossFit results.

Ryan is 38 years young and decided to try CrossFit for the first time a little over two years ago because he said it looked interesting. He was immediately hooked upon first trying it out and has committed the 6a.m. hour to his health through CrossFit ever since.

His favorite WOD is anything with Box Jumps and his favorite lifts are Cleans (full squat obviously!). The new challenges day in and day out is what keeps him motivated and inspired.  His proudest achievements to date inside the box are high-rep doubleunders and muscle-ups.  His new goals are handstand walks and back-to-back muscle-ups. Personal goals aside, the most important thing that keeps Ryan coming back is the FUN he has no matter what he is presented with for that day’s WOD.

Ryan eats a Paleo-ish diet and during his free time he enjoys boating, fishing, and cars.

Great job Ryan, keep of the hard work and dedication to yourself.  Your strength and skills are shining through!