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2/23/16 Coral Reef CrossFit WOD Jupiter

2/23/16 Coral Reef WOD Lurong is done...there were come awesome numbers.  Winners will be announced at the end of the week...stay tuned! Strength:  Strict KB or DB Press 4 x 5 @ Heaviest "Strict" Weight   METCON: 5 Rounds 6 Front Squats 135/95# 30 DU's (2:1 Singles)...

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2/22/16 Coral Reef WOD Jupiter, FL

2/22/16 Coral Reef WOD THANK YOU!  Our 1st ever "Rumble at the Reef" was a huge success.  Thank you all athletes, volunteers, and vendors who participated in the event.  You are truly what makes Coral Reef the amazing community that it is.  We look forward to the next...

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2/18/16 Coral Reef WOD Jupiter, FL

2/18/16 Coral Reef WOD Jupiter Strength: OHS 4 x 3...Work to a heavy 3 METCON: LURONG Re-Test 3 Minute Max Calorie Row 1 Minute Mandatory Rest 3 Minute Max REPS Cluster 1 Minute Mandatory Rest 3 Minute Max Calorie Row   Lurong Athletes:  The challenge is coming to an...

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2/17/16 Coral Reef WOD Jupiter, FL

2/17/16 Coral Reef WOD Jupiter Olympic: Snatch Pulls w/ 3 sec hold below the knee 3 x 3 @ 110% 1RM METCON: 4 Rounds 400m Run 21 KBS 70/53# 14 Ring Dips 7 S2OH 135/95#   Rumble at the Reef Update:  As we get closer to Saturday we have a few reminders: 1.If you haven't...

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2/16/16 Coral Reef WOD Jupiter, FL

2/16/16 Coral Reef WOD Happy Birthday Coral Reef CrossFit!  We opened our doors a year ago today.  THANK YOU to everyone who has been a part of our first year.  We can't wait to see what year number two brings!  What we do know is that we couldn't be more excited that...

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2/11/16 Coral Reef WOD Jupiter, FL

2/11/16 Coral Reef WOD Skill: Gymnastic Challenge: 4 Sets of: 1 Legless Rope Climb + 2 Rope Climb Rest :90 between each set **Work on Technique if not doing the Challenge** METCON: Lurong IV - 6 Min Cap Level III 15 - 12 - 9 - 6 - 3 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 Deadlifts...

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2/9/16 Coral Reef WOD Jupiter, FL

2/9/16 Coral Reef WOD Oly: 15 Minutes...Build to Heavy Set High Hang Clean + 2 Jerks METCON: 20 Min AMRAP 10 Pull Ups 40 DU's (2:1 Singles) 5 OHS 135/95# 10 Medicine Ball Cleans...

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