Benefits of indoor cycling in Jupiter Florida

If you’re an avid cyclist, runner or CrossFitter but need some other outlet that lets you get in a good exercise, indoor cycling is a great outlet. But indoor cycling?! Why would I do that when I could ride a bike outside? What are the benefits of indoor cycling in Jupiter Florida? If you’re thinking there can’t be any benefits, read below for the many benefits of signing up for your first class at Coral Reef Crossfit and giving it a shot.

  1. Group motivation! When you have people to your left and right pushing themselves, sweat dripping to the floor, pushing yourself to keep going when your legs are burning is much easier.
  1. Avoid bad weather. Whether it is raining,  extremely windy outside, or just too darn hot, with an indoor cycling class all you need is the indoor cycling bike! No need for helmets, sunscreen, sun glasses (unless you wear them indoors, but we won’t judge), or weather appropriate clothing. Shorts and shirts are required at most places, though. Especially shorts…
  1. A lot less hassle. No need for applying sunscreen, layering with cold weather gear (during the few cold days we have!), waiting at stop lights or stop signs, or cleaning your bike after. Just show up, setup the bike appropriately, and get going!
  1. Safer. No need to dodge cars, dogs, joggers, pot holes or worse.
  1. More efficient. Doing a 1-hour indoor cycling class keeps you pedaling the whole time – from warm up, to sprints and hill climbs all the way through the cool down. No coasting on downhills, stopping to refill water after an hour of baking in the sun, or getting caught in traffic. You can get the same out of one hour at an indoor cycling class as you would during 2.5 hours on the road!
  1. No flat outs! Not much is worse during a long outdoor bike ride than getting a flat or mechanical issue such as a broken chain or bent rim that leaves you stranded. Definitely won’t happen during an indoor cycling class!
  1. Measureable goals. Most indoor cycling bikes have cadence, distance and/or power meters. You can measure these variables and set goals for each class and compare one session to another.
  1. You won’t get dropped! Some outdoor group rides have the potential to leave beginners in the dust and lost somewhere between the start point and the middle of nowhere. No worries here since you’re not moving!

Ready to reap the benefits? Why not check out the first class and test it out first – for free! Already convinced? Reserve your bike for the next class with the MindBody app (for Android and iOS).