Coral_Reef_Crossfit_Comp-115You may know that CrossFit is one of the most popular workouts in the world, but there may be things about the workout that you don’t know. You probably know that CrossFit is a full body workout; it strengthens and conditions your body using a host of different exercises.

But you might not know…

1. You might not know that you don’t have to be young or in great shape to do CrossFit. In fact, while the commercials or ads you see for CrossFit tend to feature athletes, CrossFit is a workout that those who are out of shape can enjoy—and see results from. In fact, most beginners who start CrossFit see results quickly because of the ‘shock’ their bodies undergo.

2. The very first CrossFitters were part of the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Department. The department found out about CrossFit founder, Greg Glassman’s, training techniques and they called him up, asking him to come in and train their officers. And now there are over 6,000 CrossFit ‘boxes’ (what you might think of as a ‘gym’).  Law enforcement agencies still turn to CrossFit to train their teams, too.

3. CrossFit workouts are actually named after women and fallen soldiers. Why women? Because Glassman felt that women ‘wreak havoc’, as do CrossFit workouts.

4. CrossFit ‘boxes’ have to meet affiliate requirements, so not just anyone can open one. Affiliation requires an essay and an application, as well as a yearly fee. All instructors must be trained via the CrossFit training course.

5. CrossFit is also about philanthropy. CrossFit has an official fundraising arm called CrossFit for Hope. They donate 100 percent of their proceeds to charitable causes.

6. More than half of all CrossFitters are actually women. In fact, 60 percent of the ten million CrossFitters are female, so this is no male dominated workout.

7. There are no mirrors. CrossFit boxes are not like the corner gym; there are no mirrors for posing in (and there is no time for posing, anyway!). During these workouts, function is much more important than the aesthetics. Instructors want you to focus on what your body is doing, and what it can do, rather than how it looks as you do it. CrossFit is all about helping you meet the physical demands you face every day in life (like carrying kids, groceries, or boxes).

8. Many people don’t realize that CrossFit emphasizes technique. CrossFit teaches you to lift with your legs, not your back, flare out your knees, shift your weight into your heels, use the right grip, and so on and so forth. They want to make sure that you are safe, and that you carry these things into your everyday life (improving your posture, helping you walk taller).

Maybe you didn’t know everything there was to know about CrossFit—and this still isn’t everything. Come to your local CrossFit box in Jupiter, FL and find out more!